Germany – Kazakhstan Project

10 april 2013

Germany – Kazakhstan Project Challenging transportations is what we do.

APS had a task to transport equipment for a plant construction in Kazakhstan. This project required more than 20 trucks to deliver all cargos (including oversized ones). The route distance exceeded 4500 km and the cargos were transported under severe weather conditions and via heavy roads. Most of the trucks used the following route:

The oversized cargos were up to 18m long, weighted up to 20 tons and were transported from western Germany to Lubeck port and then to Liepaja port, where they were unloaded, customs cleared and sent to Kazakhstan.

In the port cargos were reloaded from the truck onto a ship.

After successful customs clearance at port, the cargos were delivered to Kustanai via heavy roads of Russia and Kazakhstan.



The transportation was successfully completed at the end of April, 2013. APS specialists carefully thought over and organized the whole transportation process, saving time on each stage of delivery.