Italy-Kirov project

02 april 2013

Italy-Kirov project “Good job, APS!”

At the end of March, 2013 we have successfully delivered equipment from Italy to Russia. Our qualified specialists had a task to deliver an unusual cargo: it was 18,5m long and 4,6m wide. In order to optimize the customers expenses, a special triangle cargo-support was made, which minimized its height and width.

During the early morning loading process took just 2 hours and the cargo was ready for shipment to Kiel port, Germany.

APS specialists beforehand obtained all necessary permits for transit through EU and organized the pilot escort cars.

All EU route took 2,5 days and the truck arrived to Kiel port on time.

Under surveyors’ strict supervision the cargo was loaded onto mafi-trailer in order to be delivered to Saint-Petersburg port.



Upon arrival to Sankt-Petersburg in the middle of March all the customs clearance procedures and loading/unloading operations were completed and the cargo was delivered to the customs terminal in Kirov district.


Since our trucks delivered all oversized cargos on time, customs clearance in the city of destination was simultaneously performed just under a single customs declaration.

Being able to avoid any delays we fitted this project into less than 3 weeks. Both the sender of the cargo and consignee were satisfied with the high quality of APS performance.