Delivery of the equipment from Czech Republic to Magnitogorsk

12 february 2014

Delivery of the equipment from Czech Republic to Magnitogorsk Transportation of valuable equipment and its parts.

In December 2013 we performed delivery of special equipment from Europe to Russia. The project involved 3 trucks loaded with 26 tons of cargo. The cargos were 3500 mm long, 1050 mm wide, the stands for them were 2400 mm wide. The transportation was meant to be performed by real professionals.

The cargo was not solid and it was impossible to fix it firmly to the supporting stands, which were not a part of equipment and were not welded to it, which caused some difficulties during the loading process and the transportation itself. But due to organized work of APS-team and drivers all the difficulties were solved quickly.

This transportation has proved that our specialists have all necessary skills and are well-prepared. Before the forwarder approves the transportation order, he must know how the cargo could be fixed, must have a photo or a cargo layout. If information on all dimensions is not considered it can occur that stand size differs from cargo size.

High quality of APS performance is achieved through:

  • On-time preparation of permits
  • Daily report on the cargo movement
  • On-time provision of documents to the inspection authorities
  • Quick problem solutions

All trucks arrived to the customs terminal in Magnitogorsk simultaneously. The transportation was successfully completed and we received a recommendation letter and many thanks from our client.