Impressive John Deere

13 june 2016

Impressive John Deere John Deer self-propelled sprayer has become a dramatic event in oversized cargo transportation of APS

The route of the sprayer fixed on a platform was Germany – Russia with customs clearance in Smolensk.

jd2.jpg jd4.jpg

The dimensions were: 8m (length) x 3m (width) x 3.5m (height). Weight of the cargo equaled 11,5 tons.
     The truck was delivered to the loading place in the morning. Preparation of the documents for oversized cargo transportation took just a little while, hence the driver received them at the loading place at once.


The process of sprayer loading passed quickly, accurate and without any delays. An advantage of low-frame trailers during the trip has become a set of trailer’s platform wideners expanding the width up to 3 meters from both sides. That is why it is easy for APS to adjust the dimensions of the semitrailer for specific cargo. 
     Agricultural equipment has been delivered to the place of consignment within set terms, the client is happy and APS keeps accumulating experience and solving your delivery challenges