Project transporting of hydroelectric power station, Azerbaijan

26 july 2013

Project transporting of hydroelectric power station, Azerbaijan The project is realized with budget founds and under control of President of Azerbaijan.

APS takes part in Azerbaijanian project of republican significance as the plant will provide nearest towns with energy. And the water taken from created reservoir will be used for water supply in Baku by passing through the system of canals.

For this transportation we used 33 trucks, including 18 ones with oversized cargos , 2 trucks with dangerous goods and 13 standard ones.


The cost of cargo was 11 533 823 euros. APS ensured full package of services linked to the project, including all cargo delivery, cargo insurance, all necessary document drawing for exporting.

The transportation was leaded in two directions, from two different loading places.

1. From Czech Republic to Azerbaijan (4000 km of total distance) there were set in motion 21 trucks. Total course made was 84 000 km (two times as much as than the length of equator!).

In this part of transportation we delivered not only standard cargos but also dangerous and oversized ones.

Maximum cargo width delivered by land was 3.95 m. There were generator frames. Goods were escorted by pilot and representative of Department of Motor Vehicles and Traffic Control. To help our oversized cargo passing the state frontiers Azerbaijan- Russia we made a solution to dismantle frontier constructions (the gate by russian side and the bar by azerbaijanian and russian sides)

2. From Russia to Azerbaijan (2000 km of total distance) there were set in motion 5 trucks. Total course made was 10 000 km. 

3. Combined transporting (land-river-sea-land) of generators, turbines, and refrigerator installations. Total weight was 70 tons (dimensions 5000mm\4100mm\2000mm) each, and also turbines were of 4,5 m of diameter (weight of each one was 16 tons). 

Routing to the port of Bratislava was by land, to the port of Constanţa was by Danube River, on board of vessel by Black and Azov seas into Don river, than by the system of channels of the DON river into the Volga river and into Caspian sea. The transportation from the port of Baku to the building site was effectuated by land. 


While delivering of heavy weight cargo we used special multiaxis machinery, in the ports of Bratislava and of Constanţa we performed transshipment with the harbor cranes.

In the port of Baku in the connection with absence of harbor cranes that was able to lift 70 tons cargo we utilized special railway crane whom functioning was operated by 13 people.

 The building site itself is situated in upland, so the access road had a slope of about 30 degrees. To deliver the cargo we used special equipment namely heavy caterpillar tractors.  One tractor had in tow a truck and the other one secured it from behind. In this way there were lifted three 70 tons generators.

Term of all equipment delivery was from the end of March to the middle of June 2013. The launching of Hydroelectric power plant is planned by the end of September-the beginning of October 2013.