Equipment delivery: 50 runs Poland-Russia

22 march 2016

Equipment delivery: 50 runs Poland-Russia «Intense» project is totaling to 100 000 EUR for each carriage.  

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In March 2016 we completed the project on transportation of the equipment involving 48 trucks. These included 33 tilt semitrailers and 15 megatrailers. 

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Cargo: equipment for industrial furnaces including one dangerous cargo (ADR) and one oversized and heavy cargo. The dimensions of the latter were15,9m x 2,4 m x 2,5 m, weight equaled 18 tons.

Distance: 5800 km

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4-6 cars per day were loaded at 3 factories in Poland.

We were glad to tackle the task to deliver the equipment from a leading European manufacturer contributing to the modernization of the largest factory of its kind in Russia.