Resolution of a complex task

05 december 2012

Resolution of a complex task Happy to share with you information about one of the greatest APS transportations!

We implemented a project on transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo from the southern part of Central Europe with the delivery of the whole batch to the South of Russia. The transportation involved special motor vehicle trains used to transport oversized and heavy weight cargoes and sea-going and mixed sea and river going vessels.

Oversized and heavyweight cargo No.1:

Number of units: 10 units
     Dimensions of one cargo package: 4,2 m х 2,9 m х 2,9 m
     Weight of one cargo package: 44 tons 

Oversized and heavyweight cargo No.2:

Number of units: 6 units
     Dimensions of one cargo package: 4,5 m х 3,6 m х 3,4 m
     Total weight: 36 tons


Brief description of the project:

In early October, we received a transportation order to deliver this project from Europe to the south of Russia.

In the second decade of October, 16 units of the cargo were shipped and delivered to the port of Italy. 

At the start of the third decade of October the whole cargo was loaded onto a ship! The whole cargo was placed in the ship’s hold and fixed in accordance with all the required safety standards.

On October 23 the ship departed for Russia.

Here is an indicative shipping route of the ship:

The transit time of the ship was 10 days then the cargo arrived in the Russian port of the Black Sea basin.

In early November the cargo was unloaded and underwent a customs clearance procedure within a day.

Then the cargo was loaded onto the special trailers in the Russian port and delivered to the customer’s address. Shipment from the port to the customer’s address was performed by several round trips.

On November 23 the entire cargo was delivered to the construction site of the beneficiary of the project.