APS-MINI – a New Altitude!

09 november 2012

APS-MINI – a New Altitude! APS-MINI can do more than you can imagine!

Dear friends!

We want to share our new achievements in the work of light duty transport. The main objective of the "the mini trucks" is transportation within the Republic in the sphere of distribution logistics, however we are gradually expanding the geography of our transportations performing transportation mainly to Russia and the Ukraine. Another success in the development of APS-MINI is entrance into the European market and international transportations with the status of a customs carrier.

At the end of October our truck did a "crouch start" and left to load in the Netherlands. It took 2 hours to dispatch a truck! Within 15 days on a voyage  we traveled nearly 8,000 kilometers! Within a day and a half! We performed five unloadings in the area of Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar located in the distance of 700 km.

We express our gratitude to the employees of APS for promotion of APS-MINI to European countries!