Woodusing industry

Woodusing industry

  Transportation of Timber

APS is able to transport almost all kinds of lumber and wooden products. We can deliver such cargos within all the territory of CIS and to/from most European countries.

The most frequently transported wooden products are: edged boards, house logs, parquet and wooden decorative products.

For such deliveries we use trucks with carrying capacity up to 27 tons which means that we can load up to 40 cubic meters of lumber.

Transportation of Woodworking Machinery

APS-specialists successfully deliver woodworking machinery and have necessary experience in transportations of heavy equipment. 

The main aim of woodworking machinery is the preparation and delivery of woods from the cutting place to processing company. Two types of harvesting machinery are used to perform it:

     – forwarders (heavy wheeled/crawled machines with manipulator and body for woods loading);
     – harvesters (machines for cutting and limbing).

Both types of machines can be an overweight cargo. Harvesting equipment is transported by new Scania, Renault and Volvo trucks.

APS is also able to transport such important equipment for woodusing industry as: 

     – wood-cutting tools;
     – drilling and mortising machines;
     – grinding machines;
     – wood crushers and utilizers.

Industrial lines for woodusing industry are usually delivered in a project transportation. Numerous machines are loaded into several trucks and delivered in the same day. During international transportations APS undertakes all customs clearance procedures and obtainment of necessary permits for transit. Our clients have also access to the online monitoring system, which allows to know precisely the location of the cargo.

To learn more about the way we perform transportations of equipment for woodusing industry please contact the nearest APS office !