Medicine (equipment and medicals)

Medicine (equipment and medicals)

  Transportations of Medical Equipment

Being very specific cargos, almost all medical products and equipment require special transportation conditions. During the transportation refrigerating equipment of reefers must keep the set temperature without significant deviations. Owing a reefers fleet we are able to deliver the most temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines. APS reefers have temperature sensors with a non-stop recording of temperature level inside semitrailers. When the truck arrives to the destination point, temperature print-outs can be provided. Thus, APS can guarantee that the cargo isn’t subjected to any unwanted effects during the transportation.

Transportation of Pharmaceuticals

A majority of medicals keep their qualities within a certain temperature interval, which must be constantly controlled. Only a reliable carrier can provide necessary thermo-conditions during transportations of medicals. Having a  vast experience, APS is able to provide following transportations from producer to consumer:

     – transportation from producer to distributor’s wholesale warehouses by reefers;
     – pharmaceuticals transportations from distributors to local dealers as a part of groupage cargos;
     – pharmaceuticals transportation from local dealers to chemists and hospitals by small-capacity trucks.

APS provides a high-class performance of full-step delivery from producer to consumers.

Transportation of Medical Devices

Transportation of diagnostic, surgical and laboratory equipment is a complicated task, which can be successfully solved by APS-specialists. Main difficulties arise due to size-dimensions and fragility of surgical equipment. Such equipment is usually massive but still is very sensitive to any external disturbances (vibration, kicks and inside humidity). Some of the cargos, such as hardware diagnostics equipment, have specific temperature requirements. 

An important task while delivering the cargo is its load security. According to the type of equipment and its transporting features an appropriate place in a trailer and the way of its fastening will be chosen.

While delivering medical equipment, APS-specialists follow high standards:

     – high quality instruments for cargo fastening are used, which prevent any external disturbances;
     – tested reliable frame constructions safely fix the cargo inside the trailer and prevent vibration and jolt;
     – trucks with high rates of ride quality;
     – APS most experienced drivers are chosen to deliver medical equipment.

Contact the nearest APS office, and we will find an appropriate solution for transportation of medical equipment!