Household appliances and electronics

Household appliances and electronics

  Electronics Transportation Services

APS takes special care of transportations of household appliances and electronics: high value of the cargo requires special attention. All transportation stages are thoroughly planned and APS-specialists monitor the position and state of the cargo all the time. Vast experience of APS in such kind of transportations lets perform the most complex projects. Our services include not only transportations themselves, but also cargo escorting to the destination point. The whole transportation process can be divided into several steps:

     – truck selection and provision to the loading place (producer or receiver´s warehouses);
     – preparation of  household appliances and electronics for transportation: grouping, stacking and loading of the cargo;
     – execution of customs documents: TIR, CMR, EX1;
     – if necessary we provide temporary warehousing of cargos in the EU and the CIS;
     – cargo movement control;
     – unloading at the destination place.

APS Fleet for Consumer Electronics Transportation

APS offers its own truck fleet to transport household appliances and electronics:

     – balanced cargos (30 /83/ 99 m3) are delivered by standard tilt semitrailers or box-trailers with high security level and possibility of double-deck loading (such semitrailers hold 66 euro pallets up to 1.2 meters high);
     – small cargos with overall weight up to 5 tons and size up to 30 m3 are transported by small-capacity trucks;
     – in order to transport small amount of electronics we offer transportations as part of groupage cargo with consolidation in Germany, Lithuania and Poland. 

APS guarantees fulfillment of its obligations for transportations in any conditions: APS insurance coverage to the cargo owner equals to 300.000 EUR.

APS can minimize the delivery period, costs of transportation to the territory of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan as a licensed customs carrier. This document permits to transport high-value cargos under customs control according to the norms of inland transit. Send us your transportation order or contact our nearest office to receive a great offer for the transportation of your cargo within the shortest period of time.