Transportation of Foodstuff

Deliveries of cargos requiring certain thermal conditions are an actively developing field of APS work. A great part of transportations are foodstuff deliveries. That´s why we increase the number of reefers in our fleet.

APS-specialists successfully deliver:

     – perishable plant products: fruits and vegetables;
     – products of animal origin: meat, poultry, fish, dairy products;
     – grocery and half-finished products: grains, tea, coffee, sausages, smoke products, frozen products, etc. 

APS trucks used for foodstuff transportations correspond to the EU and CIS sanitary codes.

Vast fleet, unique technic and organization innovations let APS-specialists perform transportations of any difficulty. We can also offer double-decker reefers with capacity up to 66 pallets and up to 1.2 meter high to transfer foodstuff.

Transportations of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a perished cargo and a carrier has to follow a set of requirements to transport it. The way of transport organization depends on the state and ripeness of fruits and vegetables. Still there are some general requirements on how to deliver such cargo safe:

It is preferable that fruits and vegetables would have individual packages (plastic container or packing paper for each fruit/vegetable). In case such cargo is transported in mini-containers it is necessary to fill them with the brims in order to minimize vibrations and damage to cargo;

In order to transport cargos for long distances it is necessary to keep recommended temperatures from +2 to +10 C. When different types of fruits or vegetables are transported maximum delivery period is calculated for the most perished type of the cargo.

A well-organized transportation of perished foodstuff nullifies the damage and provides proper quality of the cargo.

Transportations of frozen products

To transport deep frozen products (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.) APS-specialists use reefers with refrigerating units Carrier, which provide temperature maintenance up to -21°C

Maximal temperature deviation is +/- 1,5°C. APS reefers have temperature recorders, which record temperature values during all transportation in order to guarantee absence of unwanted thermal effect. So the receiver has a guarantee that the cargo is appropriate for further storage, sale or processing.

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