Exhibitions, art objects

Exhibitions, art objects

  Transportations of Exhibition Equipment

One of the most important areas of APS work is transportations of exhibition equipment and items. Correct goal setting and checking of cargo completeness are very important for on-time delivery and correct execution of customs documents. APS owns a modern truck fleet with different carrying capacity which can transport equipment for building, industrial, art exhibitions and oversized exhibition equipment. Special attention is given to cargo securing. In order to keep safe fragile plastic stands or glassware and china ware we use holders protecting the cargo from vibrations and other mechanical effects during the transportation.

If necessary, APS specialists can find a warehouse to keep your cargo in European countries before it will be delivered by our truck to the destination place.

Transportations of antiques

One of the most difficult logistics tasks is the transportation of antiques and art objects such as paintings, sculptures, statuettes etc. These objects can be hundreds years old and cost millions of dollars. APS-specialists have vas experience in organization of such transportations:

The first step of transportation is cargo cost estimating. Our specialists will calculate the transportation costs; specify your wishes and delivery period. 

Transportations of antiques and art objects are performed by experienced drivers on trucks with reliable fixation systems and additional locks and are controlled by our best expeditors.

Each APS-client has the access to the on-line monitoring system, which gives the possibility to track the cargo movement in real-time mode.

After the truck arrives to the destination place, seals are removed and the semitrailer is opened in the presence of the client or his official representer. Only then the unloading, unpacking and integrity check are held.

It is possible to use ATA carnet for transportations of antiques, art objects and other articles of displays. Carnet ATA simplifies transit formalities and makes it faster to deliver the exhibition to the destination and back.

APS is a licensed customs carrier. It reduces delivery period and client´s expenses and enables APS to transport high-value cargos unescorted without additional warranties. The license gives us ability to meet our obligations under any circumstances.

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