Excisable goods

Excisable goods

  Excise Cargo Transportation

Alcohol and tobacco are excisable goods and require special approach to delivery and customs clearance. APS offers full range of services in terms of transportations of alcohol and tobacco products to/from the EU-countries:

     – documents execution for export/import excisable goods;
     – cargos consolidation in Germany, Lithuania and Poland;
     – cargo transportations to the customs terminal of the destination country;
     – delivery to the receiver´s warehouse.

Having a big fleet and being a licensed customs carrier APS-specialist plan complex transportations according to the clients´ requirements and deliver the cargos on time.     

Transportations of Tobacco and Tobacco Products

All types of smokables and packed tobacco are tobacco products. They have original package (usually veneer or corrugated fiberboard boxes) with information about the damage the product can cause to human health. Each box must contain products of only one type and have special marking. The cargo is placed into the semitrailer to speed up the customs clearance. 

Leak-proof, clean semitrailers without any smells must be used to transport cigarettes and other smokables. We transport smokables apart from other cargos, which can provoke appearance of condensate water inside the semitrailer. It is forbidden to transport smokables together with foodstuff.

Each position of transported smokables requires a set of documents, each of them has to be approved by ink step of the producer or importer.

Transportations of Beverages

APS can transport most types of alcoholic drinks:

     – transportations of strong alcoholic drinks: vodka, whiskey, cognac, liquor, balsam;
     – transportations of wines with alcoholic content over 12%;
     – transportations of wines and drinks with alcohol content lower than 12%;
     – transportations of beer.

APS-specialists have vast experience and clear understanding of all features of such cargos.

For example, alcoholic products should be transported in isothermal or refrigerated transport with maximum temperature deviations from 1 to 3 degrees.

Because of high value of many types of alcoholic drinks, APS insurance coverage to the cargo owner equals to 300.000 EUR for a single insurance event and to 600.000 EUR within one insurance policy. Moreover, by client´s request, we provide international cargo insurance against all risks, which guarantees fulfillment of our obligations to our clients in case of any unforeseen circumstances. 

Just contact APS offices to learn more about our possibilities in transportations of alcoholic and tobacco products.