Customer goods

Customer goods

  Transportation of Consumer Goods

Fast Moving Consumer Goods are food and non-food products with high turnover. Demand in these goods is not influenced by seasonality. Constant flow of cargo requires consistency while the transportation plan is created: on-time delivery of popular goods to the customers depends on the experience and fleet state of the forwarder. APS-specialists arrange reliable delivery of consumer Fast Moving Consumer Goods to/from EU countries as well as within CIS. 

Single transportation Consumer Goods doesn´t bring any difficulties: most of such goods don´t require thermal mode and have original packages, which simplifies loading and unloading processes. The main difficulties may appear when such goods are customs cleared. As a rule a huge list of different goods is transported per truck, which requires detailed consideration of great number of customs documentation: certificates, invoices, packing lists, price-lists, etc. Some types of Fast Moving Consumer Goods require code certificates (climate equipment, sanitary ware) or compliance declaration (textile items or knitwear).

APS-specialists will undertake the process of documents execution, necessary for customs clearance of Fast Moving Consumer Goods at any CIS or EU customs point. All we need from the customer is information about the types of goods and loading/unloading places.

APS Advantages in Transportation of Consumer Goods

Thanks to permanent adoption of innovations in all scopes of APS activity, APS provides its clients with: 

     – delivery reliability: own truck fleet  with carrying capacity from 5 to 27 tons provides on-time delivery of bulky cargos to faraway destination points;
     – flexible approach: APS provides transportation of Fast Moving Consumer Goods as a part of a groupage cargo and on client´s demand organizes temporary storage of the cargo at warehouses in Germany, Lithuania or Poland;
     – performance guarantee: each cargo transported by APS can be guaranteed against thefts and damage. APS responsibility is guaranteed by CMR-assurance policy;
     – awareness: each APS-client has the access to the on-line monitoring system, which gives the possibility to track the cargo movement in real-time mode.

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