Fashion industry (clothes, footwear)

Fashion industry (clothes, footwear)

  Footware Transportation Services

Fashion industry is a dynamic and competitive business area. Clothes and footwear are delivered to the CIS from the EU countries in increasing amounts. Winner is the one, whose production is earlier in a shop. Key logistics factors in fashion industry are transit time, accuracy in actions, availability and reliability of carrier. Due to APS complex transport solutions and a large variety of additional services, you can greatly cut your logistics expenses in the sphere of fashion industry.

APS specialists have a great experience in international transportations of clothes and footwear, which gives us ability to make plans, perform all the necessary coordination and preparatory work and receive permits in the shortest time possible.

We can offer our clients consolidation of cargos in a customs warehouse in Europe and its further delivery to the CIS. APS plans and undertakes:

     – transportations of outerwear for adults and children;
     – transportations of children's, men's and women's footwear;
     – transportations of leather goods, fur;
     – transportations of sportswear and accessories.

Transportation of Clothes

APS services in transportations of clothes and footwear include:

     – quick delivery to our consolidation warehouse;
     – organization of cargo pick-up from supplier during 24 hours from the moment of order placement;
     – customs clearance (EX-1/ABD (export declaration), T-1 (transit declaration), TIR);
     – loading/unloading, warehouse keeping;
     – sorting, recount, repackaging, handling, labeling.

APS has its own fleet of 600 trucks (Mercedes, Volvo, Renault and Scania) suitable for cargos of any volume. We can offer:

     – FTL – 30 /83/ 99 m3 – standard tilt semitralers and box-trailers with high safety level;
     – 2-drivers delivery – in order to minimize transit time;
     – cargo insurance against all risks.

Our specialists will take all responsibilities on the correct documentary support of transportation process as well as on-time cargo delivery of any volume to the EU and the CIS countries – just contact the nearest APS office