Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

  Chemistry Products Transportation

In order to transport production of chemical industry every carrier must have special permits, knowledge and experience, as most of such cargos are potentially dangerous to people and environment. APS-specialists have all the necessary permissions to manage transportations of dangerous cargos as well as the necessary experience: we transport all kinds of dangerous cargos according to ADR classification.

Our approach to each particular delivery of chemicals is fully dependent on the cargo and its class of danger:

     – non-dangerous chemicals;
     – potentially dangerous chemicals;
     – dangerous chemicals;
     – explosive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive, other chemicals.

There are different requirements for the transportation depending on the type of the cargo:

     – drivers' experience: some types of chemical products are only allowed to be carried by drivers, who have passed a special learning course and have a long driving experience in a particular truck. Special sequences of actions in any types of unforeseen condition are being taught to our drivers (technical issues, damage or leakage of cargo, etc.);
     – escort requirements: some cargos require presence of expeditors, guards or technicians during all phases of delivery;
     – documents: drivers must have required permissions and documents for the cargo. In the majority of cases it is a permission to transport chemical cargos; truck documents, confirming that it can be used to carry dangerous cargos; waybill with confirmed route and information on the ADR class of the cargo. Also the driver must present information about the transportation company and the receiver of the cargo on road police request.

Trucks for Chemicals Transportation

In order to transport chemicals any carrier must have specially equipped trucks. That’s the reason why all APS trucks are equipped with ADR-sets.

Only trucks under 3 years old and in perfect condition are used for chemicals transportations. APS chemicals transportations standard is a mandatory check of all truck systems before the transportation starts. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS-trackers of satellite monitoring system and on our client’s request we can place additional sensors. 

APS-specialists will advise you on the type of transportation you need to deliver any chemical cargo – all you need is just call us and we will find the appropriate solution for you!