Building machinery and materials

  Construction Machinery Transportation

Delivery of specialized heavy machinery for construction and digging works is one of the main APS-priorities.  We can transport specialized machinery of different weight and size:

     – crawler and wheeled bulldozers;
     – crawler and wheeled excavators;
     – warehouse and quarry loaders;
     – road construction equipment such as earthmoving machinery, asphalt pavers, rollers.

In order to solve those tasks APS uses special machinery: high-power trucks and special semitrailers, designed to transport oversized cargos. Those trailers are open platforms with lower level, 2.5 and more meters wide, which can transport specialized crawler and wheeled machinery. To make the loading process easier trailers are equipped with apparels/ramps. Heavy machinery can pull itself on the trailer over those ramps.

Transportation of specialized machinery with a big number of spare parts or equipment can be organized using two or more trailers.

APS undertakes transportations of specialized machinery to/from the EU and within the CIS countries.

Transportations of Building Materials

APS offers various solutions for delivery of building materials either for manufactures with large volumes of regular international transportations, or for regional dealers with small volumes of domestic transportations.

We can offer a large fleet of own trucks of various sizes ranging from small-capacity trucks to high volume trucks for overweight and oversized cargos.

Among APS services for transportations of building materials the most popular are:

     – transportations of walling materials: bricks, sandwich panels, gas silicate blocks;
     – transportations of products and constructions made of reinforced concrete;
     – transportations of metalwork and building bars.

Delivery of each particular type of building materials has its own features, depending on the loading, transportation process and transit documents. 

Building materials, packed on pallets, are least dependent on transport conditions and loading/unloading process is fully automated.

Transportation of liquid building materials (especially cement) is a more complicated task. It`s a relatively expensive cargo, sensitive to external environment conditions. Low humidity level, which is kept by APS reefers, is mandatory for cement transportations.

Transportations of reinforced concrete is the most difficult task. Massive constructions are both heavy and fragile. Special permits and coordination of delivery routes with local authorities is sometimes required for such transportations.

APS specialists will undertake all documents preparation, customs clearance procedures for transportation of specialized machinery and building materials. Just contact the nearest APS office , and we will find the best logistics solutions for your business!