Agricultural products and farming machinery

Agricultural products and farming machinery

  Transportation of Agricultural Products

Delivery of agricultural products and machinery is a very important area of APS activity.

We realize the importance of on-time delivery of agricultural machinery to the destination and the importance of further crops delivery to the customer. APS offers its vast fleet for oversized and heavy-load cargos transportations, prepares customs clearance and transit documents and prepares optimal routes of cargo deliveries to CIS and Europe.

Farming Machinery Transportation

To deliver agricultural machinery APS uses its own modern trucks, top loading semi-trailer and trailers for oversized cargos.

We can successfully deliver:

     – harvesters of any size and by any producer;
     – seeding-machines and croppers;
     – roller tractors and caterpillar tractors;
     – fertilizer spreaders, etc.

In order to deliver agricultural machinery APS undertakes documents execution, preparation of optimal routes and obtainment of special permits for transit from local authorities if necessary. During the whole transportation the client receives a daily report on the cargo movement and access to online tracking system.

Agricultural products

APS services include transportations of agricultural products and their derivatives within all European and CIS territory. We deliver production of livestock farming and crop farming: meat and dairy products, seeds, fresh vegetables and fruits from producer to retailers and retail chains in Russia and the EU.

Transportations are performed by trucks with load capacity from 5 to 27 tons. APS-specialists will help you to choose a proper truck according to your needs. Apart from tilt semitrailers APS owns refrigerated semitrailers for cargos requiring temperature settings. 

Appropriate truck will help you to cut the costs on delivery of agriculturalmachinery and products.

Costs of such transportations depend on their distance, direction, cargo load volumes, type of trucks required and special features of loading/unloading.   

Contact the nearest APS office, and we will find a solution for your business!