Life at APS: how we celebrated World Milk Day

Life at APS: how we celebrated World Milk Day

2 June 2021

The first day of summer is marked in the calendar as World Milk Day, and in 2021 it was celebrated for the 20th time. At APS, this theme day has been held in a summery and tasteful way: we have treated ourselves to a popular milk dessert – ice-cream.

Ice-cream is adored both by children and adults all over the world, and each country has its remarkable facts about this dessert.

  • Italy

  • France

In 2003, a special-purposed high school Carpigiani Gelato University was founded in Bologna where the art of making genuine Italian ice-cream is taught.

The word “plombières” is derived from the name of its place of origin – Plombières-les-Bains, a city in the northeast of the country.

  • Austria

  • Turkey

According to one of the versions, glacé – a coffee beverage with ice-cream-topping – has been first made in Austria, when one of coffee houses ran out of cream. The personnel handled the situation creatively, having added a scoop of ice-cream into the hot drink.
Turkish ice-cream “dondurma” is made with mastic and ground-up tuber of orchids which gives to this dainty viscosity and ductility. Vendors playfully demonstrate this peculiarity to buyers by effectively stretching or scrolling ice-cream in the air.

  • China

  • Iran

Water ice, or sorbet, has gained popularity around the world due to Marco Polo who imported the recipe for this dessert to Europe from China.
Traditional Iranian ice-cream is called faloodeh. The dessert consists of noodles with sauce and is made from starch or rice flour.

Feel the taste of summer & chill with a portion of your favourite ice-cream and be sure to entrust the delivery of frozen and fresh summer treats to APS!

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the office follows the rules of social distancing and mask-wearing, there are disinfectants installed in the public places.

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