We came, we saw, we won: «Intellect-traffic» ended in victory for APS!

We came, we saw, we won: «Intellect-traffic» ended in victory for APS!

1 June 2018
In this past Tuesday took place a regular meeting of transportation companies in the 9th intellectual tournament of the business club “Intellect-traffic”. For the 4th consecutive year leaders of the branch compete for the first place, applying professional knowledge, intuition, logic and business communication skills.

For APS team this game was once again became victorious. For the seventh time we have become leaders in a far from easy struggle.

  • What is helping our team to maintain the position for the 4th consecutive time?

“Team cohesion, respect for each other, a very serious attitude towards the result, trainings as well as a great experience of participating in this game”, — shares his opinion the captain of the team Fedor Degtyarev.

This time our team was replenished with two new participants. Not so long ago, the girls watched the game as spectators, morally worrying about the team and often offering the right answers to tricky questions. Naturally, such a support could not go unnoticed – the captain of the team invited two beautiful ladies to become full participants in the game.

  • How does it feel – to move from the fans to the ranks of the participants in the game? What role did you like more?

“Equally interesting – unequally responsibly. It is important to tune in to speed. At the table, you feel the time limit more sharply. Sometimes, the captain accepts instant and well-weighted decisions and analyzes the voiced versions in few seconds. I like both. In a team you'll never walk alone. In the position of the fan there are also some advantages. For example, you are more focused on your own thread of reflection, "walking" alone through Mind Palace”, —  says Anna Bogdan, a specialist of oversized cargo and project department.

"Eyes light up, interest is waking up, the brain is waiting impatiently ... knees are trembling :) Speaking seriously, it's insanely interesting! A wonderful pastime among people whose intellect gushes with a fountain, a sea of impressions and positive emotions. I was very glad to participate"— says Julia Kachur, a specialist of transportation support department.

  • You might be asking:  "Why take part in the game, if APS team has repeatedly proved its competence, knowledge, wit and advanced thinking?"

"First of all, it's very interesting to play, a desire to win, confirming the deserved position. Secondly, this is a good out-of-work communication with colleagues. This further helps in work. Thirdly, the qualitative organization of the event, a very intelligent format of the conduct, a worthy quizmaster, all of that enforce the desire to return again and again!", —  notes Fedor.

"Intellect-Traffic" battles imply not so much the availability of knowledge, as the ability to team work.

  • What qualities are really important for team work?

"The ability to joint summing-up the accuracy of the most likely answers, listening to all the pros and contras. Sometimes someone's counterargument can save from a rash step. A lot depends on the captain and his sense of the "golden mean": in a very short time the participants must protect the argument, while the captain evaluating it. The speed of reaction is one of the most important moments of interaction in the team", —  notes Anna.

Not the least role is played by the preliminary preparation of participants, although sometimes improvise and spontaneous thinking are needed. As Anna says: "We had a preliminary training, but essential is rather the base of knowledge, the circle of interests of each player. Even a familiar song in the background of the video can set the right train of thoughts".

The Club's activities are aimed at improving personal as well as business qualities of the participants. Some teams consider "Intellect-Traffic" as a development platform, others – an excellent opportunity for interesting spending time. "For the company, it is definitely maintaining the image, business contacts, for my colleagues it means the world :) At least in the process of the game!", – notes the newly-made participant Julia.

Winning became a good tradition for APS team, we're making efforts to maintain it, approving our motto “We solve”. Forward to new victories, cups and, of course, knowledges.

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