Responsiveness is a helpmate of APS

Responsiveness is a helpmate of APS

21 November 2017

Route: Spain – Uzbekistan
Duration of transport: 9 days
Route length: 8,200 km
Cargo: furniture for a theatre hall

Recently, one of the theatres of Uzbekistan has been reconstructed, which, apart from renovation works, implied providing the hall with new furniture. The building reconstruction was performed on a tight schedule since the solemn opening of the renewed theatre was devoted to a large-scale event – 100th anniversary of the birth of the well-known writer Sharof Rashidov.

When a client applied to our company, illustrating with examples of numerous projects, APS specialists succeeded in convincing the client that accurate observance of time limits is one of the advantages in dealing with the APS team, and they can be confident of the cargo arriving without delay.

Our specialists received an assignment to organize a prompt delivery from Spain to Uzbekistan.


The importance of meeting the delivery terms stemmed from the oncoming date of the solemn opening, which was held on a governmental level with the participation of the President of Uzbekistan.

APS managers rapidly sent the vehicle with a driver from Germany to Spain, as each hour was of strategical importance. For meeting the delivery terms, it was decided to perform the carriage by several drivers at each stage. Our specialists had ensured that the second driver would arrive by plane to the place where he was met by the driver heading to the loading place without extra idle time.

Having promptly loaded the cargo, we confidently departed for Uzbekistan. The cargo transportation was carried out at high quality, safely, and, what is the most important, just in time!

Excellent speed, well-coordinated teamwork, and APS ample opportunities facilitated our specialists to successfully complete the project of a governmental level! You set a task, we seek for an optimal solution!

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