APS case: transportation of stadium surface from the Netherlands to Russia by 120 cubic truck

APS case: transportation of stadium surface from the Netherlands to Russia by 120 cubic truck

1 October 2020
Route: Netherlands - Russia
Vehicle: 120 m3 road train
Cargo: artificial stadium turf

Client’s request
Prompt delivery of an increased volume of cargo.

APS solution
To transport large volumes of cargo, an efficient solution is 120 cubic road trains with a loading capacity in two cargo spaces. This is the type of vehicle that the client chose when ordering the carriage of an artificial turf for the stadiums of the Russian cities of Bor and Tomsk.

The curtain-sided construction allowed to complete swiftly the loading of non-standard sized pallets in two tiers. By means of lashing belts, they were secured top over, and crossbeams were used to fix the incomplete upper row. The steadiness of the goods was facilitated by the design of the cargo spaces that meets the international standards of DIN EN 12642 XL (Load safety certificate): 6 rows of sideboards, strengthened reinforced tilt, aluminium doors, front sides and sidewalls.

IMG_1075 - 1jpg.jpg
The trip wasn’t going to be short, the route and parking lots had been agreed in advance.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. The renovated stadiums with the comfortable surfaces have been already opened for outdoor sports amateurs. Strengthen your health and stay safe, and the APS team will take care of the transportation of your cargo.

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