APS case: how we involved small-capacity truck in project transportation of machinery to Kazakhstan

APS case: how we involved small-capacity truck in project transportation of machinery to Kazakhstan

7 September 2021
Route: Germany – Kazakhstan
Vehicles: megatrailer & all-hard small-capacity truck
Cargo: asphalt paver and its accessories

Client’s request
Delivery of a semi-disassembled asphalt paver and accessories.

APS solution
The semi-disassembled asphalt paver with accessories represented a heavy cargo of 22.5 t which would exceed the allowed axle load of a road train while carried in one cargo space of a regular megatrailer. For a deliberate alignment of the cargo pieces, it was necessary to make use of an additional vehicle. The client ordered a small-capacity truck from the APS fleet – an ergonomic and efficient alternative for goods of up to 3.5 t. The compact volume of the body allowed to optimize the cargo placement, the loyal price offer – to save on transport costs.

3 cases with accessories weighing 1.8 t were loaded into an all-hard small-capacity truck. The cargo was placed in two tiers, cross and telescopic beams were used for its securing.

megatrailer was used to transport the main part of the cargo – the asphalt paver of 20.7 t that took 5 unit loads. The cab of the construction machine was fastened with lashing belts by direct method, components – by spring and top over.

Both vehicles simultaneously arrived at the loading place and further at the destination customs. Since the speed of delivery by a small-capacity truck is higher* compared to a heavyweight road train, it was essential for the APS specialists to correctly coordinate the pace of the vehicles during the whole route.

The carriage of the road construction equipment to Kazakhstan has shown in action that the megatrailer paired with the small-capacity vehicle is a felicitous combination for a project transportation when in addition to the main part of the cargo it is necessary to carry a small consignment.

The APS specialists are always ready to manage non-typical transport solutions and expand the network of your shipments.

*Small-capacity trucks are not subject to traffic bans in Europe and the CIS.

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