Finland-Glazov project. Successfully competed!

Finland-Glazov project. Successfully competed!

20 June 2014

In June, 2014 APS had a difficult task  to deliver industrial equipment from Finland to Glazov. The equipment was disassembled to smaller parts and transported by 7 trucks. 6 of them transported oversized equipment parts, which were up to 3,7 m wide and 12,9 m high. The value of all machinery was approximately 1 mln euro.


Oversized cargos have to be transported in special conditions – they require escort during transit. Moving through the territory of Finland and Russia all trucks were divided into 2 columns and each one was escorted by 2 pilot cars (one pilot in front, second pilot in the back).


Such transportations have a special requirement: all trucks must cross the border together and unload all in one day.

Finland-Glazov project. Successfully competed!.PNG

Moreover, APS specialists have prepared a special route for the trucks with oversized cargos, which turned out to be 400 km longer, and totaled to 2500 km. Nevertheless, the equipment was delivered safely and on time.

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