Art-carriage within the framework of the 57th Venetian Biennale

Art-carriage within the framework of the 57th Venetian Biennale

22 December 2017

Route: Moscow – Venice – Moscow
Carrier vehicle: mega trailer
Cargo: exhibit items

One of the most significant events in the world of contemporary art took place between 13 May and 26 November 2017 in Venicethe – the 57th Venice biennale. The scale of the forum is fascinating: this year 120 artists from 51 countries took part in it, and the number of visitors broke records of previous years – more than 615 thousand people!

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Such a significant event didn’t spared by our company! Transportation of exhibitions and art objects has been one of the top-priority activities in the list of APS branch solutions for a long time. Such carriages require an extra-sensitive and careful attitude to the cargo due to its fragility, high value and cost.

Having similar experience, our specialists easily took up the task of delivering exhibit items for the Russian Pavilion presented at the exhibition. It’s nice to know that, despite the number of international carriers as well as companies specialized mainly on art objects carriages, the customer’s choice fell on APS! Honored trust, a modern fleet of vehicles with various carrying capacities, the availability of the license of customs carrier as well as countless successfully implemented projects became crucial in it..

The route of carriage meant both the delivery of cargo to the opening of the forum and its retransportation. It is symbolic that the route of art objects passed through no less remarkable in the cultural aspect places: picturesque Belarus, architectural Poland and Slovakia, famous for its musical heritage Austria and, of course, Italy, which still sets art trends. After a six-month sojourn in Venice, the cargo returned to Moscow on the eve of the New Year holidays.


APS specialists carefully prepared for the carriage of exhibit items: they carried out an expert evaluation, issued necessary permits and certificates for the carriage of cultural values, chose the most suitable type of transport and selected the best route.

Such a scrupulous preparation determines the result of carriage in advance: the exhibit items have been delivered with minimal time input safe and sound.

Now, another carriage that affected the global event is under our belt!

pasted image 0.png Photo: Andrea Avezzu/La Biennale di Venezia

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