APS case: we delivered oversized equipment for chemical industry to the Irkutsk Region

APS case: we delivered oversized equipment for chemical industry to the Irkutsk Region

14 December 2018

Route: Europe – Russia
Vehicles: 2 low-bed semitrailers, 2 megatrailers, 14 tilted semitrailers
Cargo: equipment for chemical industry

Client’s request
Project transportation of processing line as early as possible.

Project description
Processing line equipment was on the territories of four European countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic.

Project included transportation of cargoes within loading gage and oversized cargoes. Transportation route of oversized cargo supposed special permissions and pilot cars convoy.

A simultaneous delivery of all cargo parts to The Irkutsk Region was the compulsory condition.

APS solution
There were 19 vehicles from our own truck fleet used in this project. Oversized parts of the cargo were transported on low-bed semitrailers and in megatrailers, the other parts in standard semitrailers.

Transportation of standard cargoes didn’t demand additional measures and run in the regular way.

In the process of preparation for transportation of oversized parts we worked through the route in details and according to it offered all the necessary permissions in advance. It was an overhead loading. With the help of auto-loader and manipulator the equipment was covered with special tent, so the condition and capability of the cargo wouldn’t have been influenced by the weather.

Along the route the trucks with oversized cargoes were moving with pilot cars convoy.

Though the territories of Germany and Belarus they moved with the police and the traffic police cars accordingly.
Got through the distance of more than 7 000 km, APS trucks transported the equipment to the Irkutsk Region in time.

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