APS Standarts

By defining standards of work nearly every company, that offers cargo transportation by road, promises reliability and qualified services. We do not make promises – we simply solve your requests for cargo delivery, supporting each word with actions. You see it for yourself when cooperating with any of the companies running under APS brand.

1. Delivery of goods by road transport is our only specialization. While many companies are trying to cover all types of transportation, we are improving in this sector.

2. We offer the most complete range of services for the transportation of goods by road – all your wishes, regardless their complexity and uniqueness, will be fulfilled.

3. Taking the role not only of a transportation organizer, but also a diplomat during the delivery allows us to guarantee you calmness and confidence. All issues – from overcoming differences in countries mentality to document management and technical questions – will be solved without any extra effort from your side.

4. High degree of commitment of APS employees. The human factor is crucial when organizing transportation of cargos by road. Our managers are able to answer your call 24 hours a day and as much as possible take care of additional tasks, including communication with senders of goods and paperwork.

5. Careful approach to solving problems of any complexity – we analyze details of each transportation and find the optimal way to deliver. The best proof of high quality of APS operations are customers’ references, including ones for complicated project transportations. We are always ready to share these references with you.

6. Full transparency of our work – at the transportation planning stage you will receive a detailed description of how, when and how fast the delivery will be done.

7. Daily report on the truck and cargo location and estimated time of arrival. A detailed report will be sent to you every 24 hours. If necessary, this information can be provided to you at any moment – our GPS-tracking system allows observing the movement of trucks in real time.

8. We work seven days a week – our staff is carefully monitoring each cargo delivery.

9. Instant reaction to any changes – thanks to our drivers on our owned truck pool, we are able to make any route adjustments at any time. Thus, we can consider all your requirements for the cargo transportation by road, and even apply changes on the way.

10. You set the task and make the choice – we solve. Being able to use both our own transport and trucks of our partners, allows us to offer you a wide choice of delivery methods that suits you best on terms and freight rates. Choosing any of these options for delivery, we guarantee you that the task will be completed on the highest level.

We do not make promises – we solve your requests for cargo transportations, supporting our words with actions. Do You wish to see it for yourself? Get in touch with APS office, and we will discuss opportunities for cooperation.