Customs Carrier

APS is a licensed customs carrier, which allows us to provide transportation without TIR for goods that stay under customs control, throughout the territory of the Customs Union - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, in accordance with the domestic customs transit standards.

Being a licensed customs carrier, APS also provides other services for customs clearance.

The license of customs carrier ensures that cargoes will always be delivered with zero risk of non-compliance with the customs laws of the Customs Union, and any liabilities of the company will be covered. For this purpose every customs carrier is required to make a safety deposit of 20 Mio RUR. In addition, the civil liability of the company is insured for more than 20 million RUR, which guarantees the fulfillment of the company’s obligations in any circumstances.

The status of a customs carrier can be obtained only by a transportation company which operates on the logistics market for two years or more, and has its own park of trucks.

APS has its own fleet of over 550 vehicles that allows us to transport without TIR any types of goods on the territory of the Customs Union.

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